02 Feb ‘22

Give your life a little Lace

If there’s one trend that has staying power, it’s lace! Even if you haven’t worn it in a while, this trend has been revived in an unexpected way. Lace can be dressed up or down, for daytime or date-night, and it’s a seasonless option for anytime of the year. A full lace dress will eliminate the need for jewelry and lend some much-needed sass to the look.For a luxe, wedding vibe, style a lace dress with a hair accessory. Continue below to discover CBEAUX’s inspirational lace dresses for all your life’s events.

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16 May ‘20


Go all out in our exclusive collection this Eid Al Fitr. CBEAUX will give you a radiant look with our unique dresses from embellishment to lace to evening. We will make your look elegant, classy, tasteful and ahead of the trend. CBEAUX has a new exclusive collection of modestly chic dresses and abayas for you this Eid.

Look no further when it comes to dressing up this Eid Al Fitr – CBEAUX got you!

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17 Dec ‘19


You want to show your individuality and you want to show off your Fashion sense. True to its name, modest fashion can roughly be described as dressing in a relatively covered manner with longer and looser clothes, without compromising on the latest style and color trends. CBEAUX wants to help you to become that fashionista at school, work or at the coffee shop. Modest fashion is no longer an archaic way to dress.  Be prepared for the sudden urge to shop for some wardrobe additions.

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